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ComiXology Sets New & Notable Digital Comics For April 17th, 2016

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GTO Paradise Lost HeaderComiXology’s scheduled with new manga publishing of chapters through Kodansha is still a little messed up as they’re now listing today as the release date for the 43rd chapter of GTO: Paradise Lost. It actually came out last Sunday on April 10th, but we weren’t able to mention it because said chart wasn’t quite accurate. So we wanted to get the nod in for it today, especially since all 43 chapters are now available and they’re only a buck a chapter, making it very easy to pick up new chapters here and there of this Toru Fujisawa manga series.

Plot concept: GTO: Paradise Lost Chapter 43: The next stage for Eikichi Onizuka: Kissho Academy’s Class G, a newly-established class for young celebrities. But as Onizuka soon finds out, his new teaching assignment is no superstar paradise—it’s a super problem class, feared by all!

Kodansha GTO: Paradise Lost 43
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