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Crunchyroll Expands Regions For ‘Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto’ & ‘Bakuon’ Anime

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Bakuon HeaderWhile we’re a primarily English-focused site, we do love to see when simulcast regions are expanded because we do have a solid international following here that looks for new in English but watches it in their own language. Crunchyroll has expanded the availability for two new shows this spring season with Bakuon!! and Haven’t You Heard, I’m Sakamoto now available in Spain and Portugal.


The announced cast includes Reina Ueda as Hane Sakura, Nao Toyama as Rin Suzunoki, Yumi Uchiyama as Onsa Amano and Rikako Yamaguchi as Hijiri Minowa. The supporting cast includes Unshou Ishizuka as Hayakawa, Yōko Hikasa as Tazuko, Shinichiro Miki as Rin’s father, Mitsuo Iwata as Onsa’s father, Kazusa Aranami as Saruyama-sensei and Azusa Tadokoro as Yume Sakura.

The four main actors will also be performing the ending theme song together for the series, which will be called Buon, buon, Ride On!. The opening theme has now been revealed with Sayaka Sasaki performing the song FEELXALIVE.

The series is set to be directed by Junji Nishimura working off of overall series composition by Kurasumi Sunayama while ISao Sugimoto is handling the designs. TMS Entertainment is behind the animation.

The seventh volume of the manga series landed on March 18th, 2016 and will have a limited edition bundle with the OVA. The series comes from Mimama Orimoto and was launched back in 2011. The manga is not Orimoto’s first as they have several short form books out there over the years prior of varied types, but all playing within familiar tropes.

Plot concept: The story revolves around high school girls who discover the appeal of motorcycles. Hane Sakura is a high school student who looks a little bit like an airhead. On the way to her all-female high school one day, she is worn-out climbing a hilly road with a bicycle, but she sees a girl named Onsa Amano who is riding a motorcycle. Hane immediately becomes interested in motorcycles, and she and Onsa join the motorcycle club at the school. Then, Sakura sets out to get her license.

Haven’t You Heard, I’m Sakamoto

The anime adaptation has set Shinji Takamatsu as the director with Atsuko Nakajima on board to adapt the designs. It’s being animated at Studio DEEN.

The series comes from Nami Sano, their first formal work, which began serialization back in 2011 in the Fellows magazine. The series has four volumes out so far in Japan while Seven Seas Entertainment brought out the first volume of their adaptation out in August 2015.

Plot concept: First year high school student Sakamoto isn’t just cool, he’s the coolest! Almost immediately after starting school, he began attracting everyone’s attention. The girls love him, and most of the boys resent him. There’s even a boy in the class who works as a model, but who is constantly upstaged by Sakamoto! No matter what tricks the other boys try to play on him, Sakamoto always manages to foil them with ease and grace. Though Sakamoto may seem cool and aloof, he helps others when asked, such as in the case of the boy in his class who was being constantly bullied. No matter what difficulties Sakamoto encounters, he moves through his high school life with confidence and class!