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TFP’s Anime List Project #21: Favorite Place to Eat

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A couple times a month, the Fandom Post community suggests and votes on a new top five list about something in anime, most often from the current season. It’s our way of highlighting something fun or interesting or strange—or even meaningful—about what’s airing now, or about anime in general.
alprologo2a2bJapan’s food-obsessed. Developing, assimilating, and exporting one of the most sophisticated, accessible, and multifarious cuisines in the world. Kaiseki to oden street stalls, fabled 9-seat sushi restaurants to instant ramen, there is a particular embrace of eating and making food. Including cuisines from all over the world. Happily, anime is a popular way Japan expresses its love for all things culinary.

Here are six anime eateries running the gamut of taste, form, and function.


#5 (tie): Ucchan’s Okonomiyaki (Ranma 1/2)


The okonomiyaki here is, like most things in this guidebook, some of the best you’ll find. Especially from so young a chef/owner. That is if you can tolerate the challenges and love confessions littering many of the servings.

#5 (tie): Furukawa Bakery (Clannad)


Great bread of all kinds. All of it. So impressed in fact we are compelled not to criticize in the slightest any of its more…creative productions.

#4: Boobies (Space Dandy)

Space Dandy Season 2

If you have a spaceship and don’t mind the travel, hitting up one of this chain’s joints is worth it. Burgers, fries, and all the greasy intergalactic fare, and clientele, you dream of. It is about the food, we promise. It’s name is still a mystery to us.

#3: Wagnaria (Working!!)

Working!!! Episode 1

Likewise, hitting up this particular Wagnaria family restaurant, while in Hokkaido, is recommended. Even if the food isn’t actually as memorable as whatever is animating the staff in the back. (Note: Ask for Maya’s section at all times if possible.)

#2: Rabbit House (Is the Order a Rabbit!?)

Is the Order a Rabbit? Episode 9

The only coffee shop/cafe here, this is as good as it gets. Depending on who’s serving you. The young waitstaff is what is known in fine restaurant criticism as “a little quirky.” Pluses: it seems never busy, and it’s a bar at night, though the rabbit’s still there.

#1: Yukihira Diner (Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma)

Souma did not become a chef overnight

The only drawback to some of the best food in Japan (if not the world) from this unassuming little dinner is the competitive drama between its father and son proprietors. Which you may be asked to judge. And only that if you manage to find it open.


And that’s Favorite Places to Eat. Join us next time for something about love, being Spring and all. To have a say in what makes it on that list, and the next list after that, check out the forum thread, read up on the rules, and join the Fandom Post Anime List Project today!

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