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‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ Getting ‘Extra Game’ Anime Feature & More

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Kuroko's Basketball Extra Game MangaThe world of Kuroko’s Basketball continues to be exciting and with strong sales in the manga department these days it’s no surprise that more anime is coming. With three seasons of the series out there so far, it’s now been revealed that the Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game series is being adapted into an anime feature film with plans for release in 2017. Additionally, each of the three seasons will be done in compilation form that will come out prior to the new film so that moviegoers can just watch those without the TV series itself. No dates for the three compilation films have been revealed yet.

The manga comes from Tadatoshi Fukimaki whose original series ran for thirty volumes between 2008 and 2014 while Extra Game ran for two volumes afterward.

Plot concept: A year has passed, and a famous American street basketball team called the Jabberwock has arrived in Japan and immediately faces off with STRKY, a team comprised of the recently graduated third years: Miyaji (Shuutoku), Imayoshi (Touou), Higuchi (Rakuzan), Kasamatsu (Kaijou), and Okamura (Yousen). After suffering a humiliating defeat, Aida Kagetora calls for a revenge game. Who better to defeat them than the Generation of Miracles?

[Source: Yaraon]

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