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‘The Boy and the Beast’ Anime Gets Bilingual Clips

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The Boy and the Beast Header Bakemono no Ko HeaderFunimation has a big release next week with the debut of The Boy and the Beast in theaters in both English and Japanese form and ahead of that they’ve released a new clip from it. The clip works well as we get it in both English and Japanese so that we can get a feel for the two leads and their presentations. Check out our reviews of the English-language adaptation from both AJ and Isaac.

The Boy and the Beast in Theaters March 4 at these locations.

Originally in theaters back on July 11th, 2015 in Japan, the film is being localised as The Boy and the Beast. The film is an original work for Hosoda and has been in development for quite some time. Hosoda is joined by Takaaki Yamashita and Tatsuzo Nishida as animation directors. It already has international distribution outside of Asia as Gaumont made an early investment in the project to acquire the rights.

Fans of Mamoru Hosoda’s works have gotten a good bit of attention overseas in the last few years with his film projects such as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time,Summer Wars and more recently Wolf Children back in 2012.

Property Concept: Set in human world Shibuya and bakemono (beasts) world called Jutengai. One day a human boy strays into Jutengai and encounters a bear-like swordsman Kumatetsu. He becomes Kumatetsu’s apprentice and is given a name Kyuta. The film follows Kyuta’s training and adventures with Kumatetsu.

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