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‘Big Order’ Anime Premiere Scheduled

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Big OrderWe haven’t heard much of anything about the spring 2016 anime series Big Order since last fall but the show appears to be on track as the official site has revealed an April 15th, 2016 debut for it. It’ll get a Tokyo MX debut before rolling out to other networks and it’s been confirmed that the voice cast from the OAD will be returning for the TV series. The original work comes from Future Diary creator Sakae Esuno where eight volumes have been produced in Japan. Though no staff announcements have been made, it’s expected to utilize the same as the OAD. Animated at Asread, it was directed by Nobuharu Kamanaka based on the script by Teikoku Yousei with Chika Kojima serving as the character designer and chief animation director.

The cast from the OAD includes:

Masakazu Morita as Eiji Hoshimiya
Shiori Mikami as Rin Kurenai
Misaki Kuno as Sena Hoshimiya
Mari Misaki as Daisy
Satoshi Tsuruoka as Gennai Hoshimiya
Fumihiko Tachiki as Benkei Narukami
Shinnosuke Tachibana as Yoshitsune Hiiragi
Azusa Tadokoro as Iyo
Yuu Hayashi as Ayahito Sundan
Tarusuke Shingaki as Abraham Louis Fran
Hitomi Harada as Kagekiyo Tairano

Plot concept: The story centers on an introverted high school student named Eiji Hoshimiya with a huge secret—he wished for the destruction of the world when he was younger. Fairies give certain people special powers called Orders, and what Order Users can do with their power depends on their wishes. Ten years after the Great Destruction, Eiji struggles to come to terms with his immense power.

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