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Aniplex Reveals ‘Harmony’ Blu-ray Anime Release Packaging

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HarmonyThe second film in the Project Itoh trilogy of works received its home video release plans set for Japan by Aniplex with Harmony previously and now that we’re getting closer to that date some artwork has surfaced. At the moment I’m hard pressed to consider it final as I suspect it may be part of special jackets or wraps for it, but regardless just having it included in the set will make it a striking piece of work. I expect the final cover will be closer to the promotional poster to the right, but the pieces below are just visually perfect.

The film is set for a March 9th, 2016 debut. The release will have a limited edition Blu-ray priced at 9,500 yen, a regular at 5,800 yen, and a regular DVD at 4,800 yen. The limited edition will come with artwork from redjuice, a booklet and a soundtrack CD. Further extras are to be determined.

The cast for the film includes Miyuki Sawashiro as Tuan Kirie, , Yoshiko Sakakibara as Oscar Shtaufenberg, Shinichiro Miki as Elliya Vashirof, Akio Ohtsuka as Asaf, Aya Suzaki as Cian Reikado, Cho as Keita Saeki, Junpei Morita as Nuaza Kirie and Reina Ueda as Miach Mihie.

FUNimation previously picked up the North American rights for these films.

Project Itoh is the pen name of Satoshi Ito, a 34-year-old science fiction novelist in Japan who died in 2009 but had some strong works. Two of his works are being brought to life in anime form with Genocidal Organ and Harmony, both of which have been released in North America by the book imprint of Viz Media, Haikasoru. Ito wrote for only two years before his death but left behind some fascinating works to be adapted.

Plot concept: In the future, Utopia has finally been achieved thanks to medical nanotechnology and a powerful ethic of social welfare and mutual consideration. This perfect world isn’t that perfect though, and three young girls stand up to totalitarian kindness and super-medicine by attempting suicide via starvation. It doesn’t work, but one of the girls–Tuan Kirie–grows up to be a member of the World Health Organization. As a crisis threatens the harmony of the new world, Tuan rediscovers another member of her suicide pact, and together they must help save the planet…from itself.

Harmony Cover A (click for larger)
Harmony Cover A (click for larger)
Harmoney Cover B (click for larger)
Harmoney Cover B (click for larger)


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