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‘Himawari’ Anime Streaming Expiring Soon

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HimawariA couple more shows on Hulu are set to expire soon with the two Maiden Japan seasons of Himawari! and Himawari Too!!. Both shows, added to the service through The Anime Network, are set to expire as of February 29th, 2016, giving you until the end of the month to check them out. For those that are current subscribers to Hulu, you get to watch this show on your TV and mobile devices.

Maiden Japan brought these shows out on DVD back in 2011 and you can read our reviews of them here: First Season | Second Season

Plot concept: Ever since being rescued by a ninja when she was younger, Himawari Hinata’s greatest ambition has been to become one herself. Now, finally, she’s got her chance to study at Shinobi Gakuen, the elite academy where female ninja are trained! Unfortunately, Himawari isn’t as prepared as some of her fellow candidates and on her very first day she ends up being saved by one of her teachers. To the embarrassment, the person who rescues her isn’t even a ninja! He’s Hayato Marikoji and HIS duty is to teach the ninja how to act like a normal person like himself! With that inauspicious start, will Himawari ever be able to gain entrance to the school? And if she does, can she meet the rigorous standards demanded by her teachers? And why does Hayato remind her so much of an important person from her past? With a whole school full of ninjas, there’s certain to be more going on than meets the eye in HIMAWARI!

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