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Sekko Boys Episode #04 Anime Review

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Sekko Boys Episode 4It’s a disasster!

What They Say:
“St. Giorgius, Disposer of Dragons”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Sekko Boys didn’t click all that well for me last time around as it focused more on one of the boys and the rivalry that exists when one of them gets some time doing some solo material. While the boys are the title characters here and I expect them to dominate overall, the first two episodes worked so well for me because of Miki. Her enthusiasm and attempts to deal with what’s thrown at her made her the real star of it for me, particularly since I’m not exactly enamored with idols these days, even quirky as hell ones like these guys are. It’s a good hook but one that for me feels like it needs to be used sparingly.

With this episode, the guys have managed to get a gig that fills a 200-seat venue thanks to Mira’s blogging about them. This has a bit of member material where the guys have to get on point and avoid some of their quirks that could be problematic, which isn’t exactly something that puts them in high spirits. Thankfully, the meet and greet with the fans goes pretty well in terms of building their energy, though even that just goes badly with their personalities taking over and coming across poorly. The way they’re viewed on social media is even worse though and you have to laugh at how poor Miki reacts to this. And googling for Giorgio’s dad jokes? Okay, that bit got me.

Giorgio at least tries to do better by heading out into the world and doing some positive things with people, but it just leads to more problems and what looks like a drunken binge in the dark of the night in his room later on. What helps though is that while the initial bit of negativity dominated at first, the fan club side hit later on and we get to see a rebound for the guys. This is fun to watch as they get back in their groove but it’s also good to see Miki get a win of some sort here instead of just putting out fires constantly or feeling worn down by it all. She’s still stuck with the guys of course, but she’s handling it a bit better.

In Summary:
Sekko Boys improves a bit here but it’s still mostly an episode about the boys themselves with a heavy focus on Giorgio. It works better than the previous episode did but I’ll admit it’s not a huge leap back to the first few that won me over so handily. I like what they’re doing but I’m not grinning from ear to ear like I was as Miki’s role is a fair bit reduced here. She’s what keeps me coming back for more.

Grade: C+

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