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Tentative ‘The Fruit of Grisaia’ Anime DVD/BD Artwork Revealed

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The Fruit Of Grisaia
The Fruit Of Grisaia

Sentai Filmworks announced the upcoming home video release of The Fruit of Grisaia and have slid out some placeholder artwork that we suspect will be the final version when it does land. The thirteen episode series is getting a May 10th, 2016 release on both DVD and Blu-ray priced at $49.98 and $59.98 respectively as there will be no English-language dub created for it. On-disc extras so far include just the clean versions of the opening and closing sequences, though we’ll know more when finalized covers arrive in the next couple of months.

Tensho directed the series at studio 8-Bit based on scripts by Hideyuki Kurata while Akio Watanabe will be joining to provide the character designs.

The series stars Takahiro Sakurai as Yūji Kazami, Hiroko Taguchi as Amane Suō, Ryouko Tanaka as Yumiko Sakaki, Kaori Mizuhashi as Michiru Matsushima, Tomoe Tamiyasu as Makina Irisu and Ai Shimizu as Sachi Komine.

Plot concept: Yuji Kazami thought that all he wanted was to attend school like a normal teenager, but Mihama Academy is nothing like the places of education he’s dreamed of. And it’s not just that Mihama seems eerily like a prison. There are also only five other students, and all five of these girls seem to have special reasons for having been placed in this institution. Sachi Komine, who always wears a maid outfit and seems to be compelled to carry out any order given her. The unsettling Makina Irisu, whose parents are tied to Japan’s shady underworld. Michiru Matsushima, a combative girl afflicted with dual personalities. Car and motorcycle obsessed Amane Suou. And Yumiko Sakaki, whose “welcome greeting” to Yuji involves the deadly use of a box cutter. Of course, Yuji himself has his own dark secrets, as one of his new fellow students may be the next deadly target on his own hit list in FRUIT OF GRISAIA!

Fruit of Grisaia DVD Not Final

Fruit of Grisaia Blu-ray Not Final

By contrast, here’s the Japanese covers:

The Fruit of Grisaia Japanese Volume 5 Cover

The Fruit of Grisaia Japanese Volume 4 Cover

The Fruit of Grisaia Japanese Volume 3 Cover

The Fruit of Grisaia Japanese Volume 2 Cover

The Fruit of Grisaia Japanese Volume 1 Cover