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Make Your Marriage Official Under The Moon With ‘Sailor Moon’ Registration Papers

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Sailor Moon SuperSThere are a few properties in Japan that really go mainstream in a way that most anime and manga properties won’t and one of those is most assuredly¬†Sailor Moon. After previously bringing out a trio of marriage registration papers that you could use officially, where you’d have the pieces you submit and the copy for yourself, a fourth one has been added that brings our primary couple together on it in quite the serene setting. The sets list for 3,000 yen so even if you’re not getting married in Japan you can have a little fun with them yourself.

Check out the new Romance Wedding edition and the previous editions below.

Sailor Moon Certificate 5

Sailor Moon Certificate 4

Sailor Moon Certificate 3

Sailor Moon Certificate 2

Sailor Moon Certificate 1[Source: Crunchyroll]