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‘Garakowa -Restore the World-‘ Japanese Anime DVD/BD Release Scheduled

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Garakowa Poster 1The debut of the theatrical feature Garakowa -Restore the World- this weekend in Japan looks to be going well and while we have a limited theatrical run in North America next month, you’ll also have the opportunity to import the film as well. Pony Canyon Japan has scheduled a February 17th, 2016 debut for the film in a premium edition at 8,880 yen, a regular edition at 5,800 yen and a DVD edition at 4,800 yen. The premium edition comes with a 400 page book, a CD and more to be revealed.

The project is based on the D.Backup scenario that was put together by a group called Physics Unit as part of the first Anime Adaptation Prize contest back in 2013 that Pony Canyon ran. It’s now going into a bigger direction here with this adaptation that looks to have a pretty solid production team behind it.

The film was directed by Masashi Ishihama, who worked recently on the anime adaptation of From the New World, working off of the screenplay by Fumihiko Shimo, whose works are well ranged from Air and Clannad to Golden Time and Amagi Brilliant Park. It was animated at A-1 Pictures with Kantoku handling the character designs.

The main cast includes Yumiri Hanamoras Rimo, Ayane Sakura as Dorothy and Risa Taneda as Dual.

Plot concept: A floating space without gravity where an infinite number of lights shine in different colors: The “Box of Wisdom.” Inside of this box, there are multiple worlds, multiple timelines, and there used to be many different people. This is where Dual and Dorothy were fighting with enemies called “Viruses.” Worlds infected by viruses must be erased. That is the duty, the job of these girls. However, one day, Dual and Dorothy feel the presence of a new Virus. Arriving at the scene, they see a girl being attacked by Viruses. After saving the girl, the duo wait for her to awaken so they can ask who she is, where she came from, and where she is going. Finally, when the girl opened her eyes, she gave her name, Rimo, and whispered only one sentence… “I must return to the flower patch…”

Garakowa Premium Edition
Garakowa Premium Edition

[Source: Garakowa -Restore the World- (Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai)]