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Next ‘One Piece’ Anime Collection Artwork Revealed

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One Piece
One Piece
FUNimation announced earlier in December their plans for the fifteenth collection of the One Piece series, which is scheduled to land on March 22nd, 2016. While we got artwork for most of the March releases previously, this one took a bit longer to find its way out. The set is priced at $34.98 and is an absolute steal with 600 minutes worth of material as we get more Thriller Bark arc material.

Extras for the set includes a new One Piece in the Booth: with Christopher R. Sabat and One Piece in the Booth: with Eric Vale.

Plot concept: Get ready for a boatload of goose bumps as the Thriller Bark spookfest continues!

Luffy’s impulsive attack on Gecko Moria ends up costing the rubber-man something he can’t live without — his shadow! When Zoro and Sanji find themselves in the same boat, the three fierce fighters must find a way to recapture what was lost, or face the possibility of death by sunlight. Luckily, their skeleton friend, Brook, knows the trick to defeating Moria’s zombie army, and he’ll gladly share the secret for a small price.

Meanwhile, Nami narrowly avoids an undead trip down the aisle, and Zoro clashes with a zombie samurai in the hopes of adding a new blade to his arsenal. Armed with the secret to defeating Moria’s minions, things briefly appear to be looking up for the Straw Hats, but the onslaught of Oars, the towering terror powered by Luffy’s shadow, threatens to doom the crew.

Contains episodes 349-372.

One Piece Collection 15 Cover

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