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Ace of the Diamond Second Season Episode #39 Anime Review

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Ace of the Diamond Second Season Episode 39
Ace of the Diamond Second Season Episode 39

To the Koushien!

What They Say:
“Meeting Expectations”

The final against Yakushi is tomorrow, and there’s a lot of tension at Seido. However, Furuya went to the doctor and was told it would be dangerous for him to play. Furuya wants to play regardless but leaves the decision to the coach. Kawakami will start, and Sawamura will follow. “Let’s win and go to nationals.” Miyuki’s words bring life to the team.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
We’ve known Seidou since episode 1 and Yakushi since episode 31. These are two teams that not only are intimately familiar with each other, but that we as the viewer are familiar with by watching so many games between them and against other teams. Inashiro v. Seidou was a game for the ages that went down to the wire and was ultimately decided by mental mistakes rather than any particular player stepping up on the big stage. Seidou v. Yakushi will surely be another thriller.

It’s because these teams have both grown since their third years left the team. Yakushi was always built on its younger staff, but they were inexperienced last year. This year, both Todoroki and Sanada have stepped up their game and are probably two of the best players in the tournament. Add in support players like Mishima and the team is solid as heck. If they have a weakness, it’s their overdependence on a few players stepping up in clutch situations. If Todoroki, Sanada, and Mishima are shut down, Yakushi is probably going to have nothing.

Seidou, on the other hand, was a team defined by the strength of their third years last tournament. Their pitcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, left fielder, and center fielder were all third years and not only the backbone but six out of nine starters are suddenly gone from their lineup. That’s a recipe for disaster for a fledgling Seidou team trying to reach the dominance it once had. This Seidou team made up of only first and second years has only gotten better as they’ve grown accustomed to filling the holes the third years left. Their downfall will be at third base—which has two very competent kids playing there, but neither at starting level—and pitcher. The ace pitcher is important in baseball and Seidou doesn’t have a definitive ace. On the field, they’re strong, but a singular best pitcher could instill life into the team.

In Summary:
It’s been a few episodes since Seidou’s been in action and I’m itching to see them play again. Everyone’s been on fire recently and Kawakami getting the nod over the injured Furuya and inconsistent Sawamura puts an interesting twist on a tournament that has only seen the first years starting in games. It’s the finals. Everyone is going to step up. This’ll be a game to watch.

Grade: A-

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