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‘Riddle Story of Devil’ Reveals The Pleasure in Pain Anime Dub Clip

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Riddle Story of Devil Header 1-2Released earlier this month while also getting some expanded streaming recently, FUNimation has another new English-language dub clip out for Riddle Story of Devil. The series, which came out in standard and limited edition DVD releases back on December 8th, goes a bit into the darker side of the assassination game going on here and some of the character natures. We’ll be reviewing this show for tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it!

The cast includes Morgan Berry as Tokaku Azuma, Alexis Tipton as Haru Ichinose, Anastasia Munoz as Shiena Kenmochi, Colleen Clinkenbeard as Otoya Takechi, Carli Mosier as Haruki Sagae, Jamie Marchi as Isuke Inukai, Clarine Harp as Kouko Kaminaga, Michelle Rojas as Suzu Shuto, Monica Rial as Chitaru Namatame, Natalie Hoover as Hitsugi Kirigaya, Mikaela Krantz as Mahiru/ Shinya Banba, Bryn Apprill as Sumireko Hanabusa and Lauren Landa as Nio Hashiri.

The DVD-only release brought out some English language episode commentaries as well as the clean opening and closing sequences. It’ll have the thirteen episode run spread across two discs and it lists the special features runtime at 23 minutes.

The series aired in the spring of 2014 to pretty positive reviews. Madman Entertainment previously picked this release up for the Australian market and FUNimation grabbed it for North American fans. Seven Seas Entertainment also acquired the manga for English-language release recently. You can read our review of the full season here.

The show is based off of the manga by Yun Kouga, who came to fame with Loveless and her character artwork contributions for Gundam 00, which brought in new fans to the franchise that wouldn’t ordinarily go there. Written by Kouga and illustrated by Sunao Minakata, the title has been running in Newtype since 2012 and doesn’t have much out overall just yet, but there’s enough for Diomedea to work with for its anime production.

Plot concept: Tokaku Azuma is a heartless teenage assassin on a mission of death. She’s been sent to a prestigious boarding school to compete in an assassination game against eleven other beautiful killers. Their heinous mission: send the innocent and cheerful Haru Ichinose to an early grave. But when Tokaku finds herself strangely drawn to her intended target, she must utilize her lethal skills to keep her new friend alive–and Haru must place her life in the ruthless, cold-blooded hands of the very woman sent to kill her.