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‘Lupin the 3rd’ Gets Fourteenth Episode Anime Preview

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Lupin the 3rd Episode 14There’s no Christmas miracle as the new Lupin the 3rd TV series is currently getting its broadcast run in Japan with no North American distribution yet announced. TMS Entertainment is handling the promotion for it and part of that is bringing out next episode previews of the upcoming anime episodes. They’ve now got a quick look at the fourteenth episode of the series that will arrive on January 1st, 2016.

As noted before, this will mark the first time since the Part III series ended back in 1985 that we’ve had a full-on TV series for the property. We’ve had countless specials and movies since, and a renewed interest in the TV form through the 2012 series Lupin the 3rd: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, but now the title character and his group will get to shine again.

The series is taking place in Italy and San Marino, which is where it got its world premiere before the fall 2015 Japanese debut.

The series has Kazuhide Tomonaga working as the chief director on the property, which is welcome as he was involved in some of the best parts of previous films, while Yuichiro Yano will be directing based on scripts by Yuuya Takahashi. The series is animated at Telecom Animation Film. They’re not exactly a really well-known production company, but they’re heavily involved in backgrounds, finishing animation and a lot of secondary production assistance. They worked on the Inuyahsa TV series and were involved in the Brave Story feature as the primary animation production company. They have experience with this franchise as well, having been involved in several of the specials and a couple of the movies as well.

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