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Third ‘Mysterious Joker’ Anime Cour Scheduled

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Mysterious Joker
Mysterious Joker

We learned back in September that Kaitou Joker, aka Mysterious Joker, would be getting a third cour sometime in 2016. An event this weekend had a poster out about it that has finally bubbled to the surface and in it there is the reveal that the series will be a spring 2016 season beginning sometime in April. It was also revealed that the staff from the first two cour will be back for this round of it. The series is one of several shows from the past couple of years that did not get further home video rights picked up though in North America or elsewhere.

The series, based on the children’s oriented manga, comes from Hideyasu Takahashi and has had nineteen volumes released in Japan so far. It’s Takahashi’s first work, which he began back in 2007.

The first two cour of Kaitou Joker was directed by Yukiyo Teramoto with Dai Sato listed as the series organizer. Miho Shimogasa handled the character designs and it was animated by Shin-Ei Animation. It stars Ayumu Murase as Joker, Yumiko Kobayashi as Hachi, Hiro Shimono as Spade, Miyuki Sawashiro as Queen, Naoki Tatsuta as Dogusaburo Oniyama, Nobuo Tobita as Mister Kaneari, Aki Kaneda as Kaneko, Haruna Sakurai as Momo Shirai, Yuko Hara as Ginko Kurosaki and Bin Shimada as Silver Heart

Plot concept: JOKER focuses on the phantom thief Joker, who travels the globe searching for treasure. Along the way, with his partner and cook Hachi, they must avoid the police and compete in various competitions to reach the Timeslip Treasure.

[Source: ANN]

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