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Yasuhiro Imagawa’s Second ‘Wasimo’ Anime Series DVD Release Scheduled

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WasimoAfter the first season of ten episodes arrived back in the winter 2014 season, Yasuhiro Imagawa’s Wasimo series had its second run this past winter season where it ran for twenty-four episodes. Now NHK Enterprises has finally set the home video release plans for the property. The show is getting released as DVD singles that look to have about five episodes per disc based on runtimes that will begin on February 26th, 2016. No details about what’s included on the release are available as of this writing.

There’s not a lot of material out there about the show, but you can see the Disney Channel Korea promo for the series below.

Plot concept: Hiyori’s grandmother died. To stop her crying all day and every day, Hiyori’s father built a humanoid robot called Washimo, that looks like her granny, complete with dentures. It walks faster than a snail but slower than a rhinoceros beetle; in fact, however, it can outrun a bullet train.

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