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More Dubbed ‘Fairy Tail’ Anime Arrives On Hulu

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Fairy Tail Set 17 HeaderFor the Fairy Tail fans out there, of which there are quite a few, another batch of English language episodes has now arrived on Hulu via FUNimation. The service has now added episodes 188 through 199 of the series to the services in its English language form, complementing the subtitled versions that were already on there. This batch of episodes comes from the 17th Blu-ray release that came out on October 6th, 2015. Which isn’t a bad wait at all and you get to marathon the heck out of this batch.

Plot concept: The Grand Magic Games come to an explosive end as the Eclipse Gate opens and the unthinkable happens. Dragons emerge from the gate bent on destroying everything in their path. Dragon slayers will be tested to their very limits and the guilds must band together to fight the most difficult battle they’ve ever faced – unexpected allies appear, and one mage makes the ultimate sacrifice to turn the tide for the mages.

Who is behind the rampaging dragons and what is the dire message he brings? Will what was fated come to pass, or will Natsu burn the terrible prediction to ashes?

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