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‘Wolf Girl and Black Prince’ Live-Action Film Gets Second Teaser

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Wolf Girl Live-Action CastWarner Bros. Japan is doing some promotion for the live-action film of Wolf Girl and Black Prince that’s coming out next May with a new twenty-six-second teaser spot that introduces a bit more of the cast. The new additions are Fumi Nikaid and Kento Yamazaki. The film is being directed by Ryuichi Hiroki and is currently in production.

The main cast announced so far includes:

Nobuyuki Suzuki as Nozomi Kamiya
Mugi Kadowaki as Ayumi Sanda
Elaiza Ikeda as Aki Tezuka
Ryūsei Yokohama as Takeru Hibiya
Tina Tamashiro as Marin Tachibana
Ryō Yoshizawa as Yū Kusakabe
Nanao as Reika Sata

The series comes from the manga by Ayuko Hatta, which began back in 2011 and has thirteen volumes released in Japan so far, along with a few spinoffs such as a novel and Drama CD.

Anime concept: Everyone knows that lies can come back to bite you, but when Erika makes up a fake boyfriend to impress her new classmates, the results may literally end up hounding her forever! Yes, it was dumb, but what were the odds that the random guy whose picture she used would turn out to be a student at her own school? Or that said faux-boyfriend’s silence would come with such a horrible price? Now Erika doesn’t just have to run and fetch at Kyoya Sata’s command, she has to bark too! Because he’s literally treating her like a dog, and she just has to roll over and take it, or he’ll tell everyone the truth! But that’s not the worst part, because even though this wolf in hunk’s clothing has Erika collared, she may be starting to have REAL feelings for him anyway! Is she barking up the wrong tree, or could true love be unleashed in WOLF GIRL & BLACK PRINCE?

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