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Is the Order a Rabbit?? Season 2 Episode #09 Anime Review

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Is the Order a Rabbit?? Season 2 Bunnisode 9
Is the Order a Rabbit?? Season 2 Bunnisode 9

“My grandma’s a mean old lady, too.” Oh Chiya, where did your parents go wrong?

What They Say:
Bunnisode 9: “The Furball Launches a Suicide Attack and a Cruel Button is Fired”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
While enjoying some tea and sweets at Ama Usa An, Chino wonders about the rivalry between her cafe and Chiya’s that Chino’s grandfather has talked about before…which doesn’t register at all with Chiya. It would appear that it was a one-sided rivalry. No, this is not the start of some dramatic arc. Nor is it the signal for a dramatic flashback. It’s just the beginning of more silliness and fun, what we’ve all come to expect from Is the Order a Rabbit??

Of course there will be a flashback to come, since our collective curiosity was piqued with the rivalry discussion and, unexpectedly, it is Sharo who holds some of the key to the past: she has a vague memory of Chiya dragging her to the Rabbit House when they were very young and Sharo’s being scared of the complicated coffee menu inspired Chiya to come up with her outlandish menu names at Ama Usa An. One mystery solved.

Mention of the rivalry apparently stirs up Tippy too, who prepares for battle (done in over the top style, with Cocoa going along with it, naturally). The sneak attack on Ama Usa An splutters out, of course, and an important new piece of information is provided: that there was once a collaboration between the two cafes to produce a coffee anmitsu (a Japanese dessert). The “rivalry,” such as it was, seems to owe to Chino’s grandfather being upset at the animist outshining the coffee, while Chiya’s grandmother was slightly irritated that the coffee took attention away from the anmitsu.

This show is worth it just for the exaggerated reaction shots
This show is worth it just for the exaggerated reaction shots

If there is one thing the show loves doing, it is cosplay of a sort and we see it at work again as Team Chimame fill much of the second half playing dress up, but with a purpose. They are all doing work experience for school (three days working somewhere and then writing a report about it) and they’ve each chosen to work at one of the cafes we’re all so familiar with. Chino is at Ama Usa An, so we get her in full kimono style; Maya takes Chino’s place at the Rabbit House; Megu is at Fleur de Lapin, impressing Sharo with her twirls and pure attitude.

A mean old lady…who hands out snacks and tea and tells you to take as much break time as you'd like
A mean old lady…who hands out snacks and tea and tells you to take as much break time as you’d like

While at Ama Usa An, we finally get to meet Chiya’s grandmother, whom she described as a mean old woman (in the childhood flashback) and from her attitude and speech it would seem to be the case. This show being what it is, though, appearances are deceiving in this case as it’s only her tongue that seems to be sharp. Her behavior otherwise points to a sweet, caring grandmother. Perhaps we can explain Chiya’s contradictory nature a bit from her grandmother.

And…one should always read the episode titles carefully as a cruel button is fired indeed. Poor Sharo.

Another satisfying outing with the Order Rabbit girls as there are a whole host of great reaction shots and double-takes this episode. They are really the highlight at times as well as the carefully timed and well-executed gags which hit at just the right moments. Comic timing is hard, but the staff behind this show have things well in hand.

In Summary:
The rivalry between Chiya and Chino’s cafes, which has been note before, gets explained. Of course, it’s much less than you would expect. However, there is plenty of humor and occasions for cosplay this time around. If you can’t watch an episode of Is the Order a Rabbit?? and not have a smile on your face at some point, you’re doing it wrong.

Grade: A

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