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Black Lagoon Complete Series & OVA Premium Edition Blu-ray Anime Review

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Black LagoonGet down on your knees… Get a good head on your shoulders… If it’s for your guys… Go to the end of the earth…

What They Say:
Rokuro was an ordinary Japanese businessman. A suit hired to entertain corporate high rollers and serve as a whipping boy for the big bosses with the real juice. A mission to deliver a mysterious disk to the deadly waters East of China seemed like his big break, but some things just weren’t meant to be. A ruthless gang of mercenaries fronted by a gunslinging femme fatale in scandalously short shorts kidnapped Rokuro and held him for ransom. When his company refused to pay, he became their property. To survive, he was forced to reinvent himself as Rock, the brains behind the beauty and brawn of Black Lagoon: the most cutthroat crew of mercs ever to hustle the mean streets of Roanapur. A nightmare of a metropolis where the bad guys are really bad – and your friends might be even worse.

The Review:
While we’ve had a few different editions and collections come out for Black Lagoon since its original release, the show is just now getting its first premium edition and I couldn’t be happier to see it happen. This release is done thematically with great style as the fully closable case is designed as an ammo box complete with the right kind of logo and text material on it to sell it, as well as the drag military green. It’s kept minimal overall and totally appropriate with it. Within the box we get the foldout digipak that holds all the discs where the front cover of it is done up wonderfully with a skull made of bullets that has an embossed aspect to it that lets it stand out even more. The first panels that unfold gives us some nice technical aspect from the show and the premise while also breaking down all the episodes and features as “cargo” from within. When you unfold it in full, however, we get a gorgeous five panel spread of all the characters in action back and forth that’s just fantastic. You can imagine it wrapping around and really being a vicious circle in a great way. While digipaks aren’t always my favorite, I love how it ties together here and fits within the box itself.

What I really love about this set though is the “field operations and tactics” booklet that we get. This is a really great quality paper stock that has a lot of really beautiful pieces of artwork throughout it. The first several pages are all about the original manga work and illustrations from the creator while the rest of it brings us some great looking presentations for the Japanese home video covers for the TV series and OVA.

The premium set also has some additional extra items included here that just adds more fun and value to it. Set in its own separate box done up line some explosive brick, we get a really good quality dog tag with the series logo on it that has some good weight and heft to it overall. The other piece that’s included that I love is that it has a lighter with it done up in black with the red logo on one side. I initially thought it was a non-functional novelty lighter, but was informed that since you can’t ship these things with fluid in it it just needs that. I haven’t touched a lighter in twenty years (never a smoker myself) so I was unaware.

Black Lagoon Collectors Edition

Black Lagoon Premium Cover

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