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Miss Monochrome Season 3 Episode #08 Anime Review

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Miss Monochrome Season 3 Episode 8Kitten on Ru-chan!

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The Review:
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After some fun in Osaka with Monochrome’s first big concert under her belt, it was nice to spend time with Kikuko and have a kind of quiet enjoyment in a sense. There were silly moments abound but the idea of putting these two together for a while without it being competitive and instead cooperative as they just enjoy time in the city together worked well. Monochrome isn’t a character that’s easy to humanize, as she really can’t be in a sense, but it’s good to see her handling more normal interactions with others and growing from there. Her growth comes in a number of ways across the three seasons so far and that takes on its own new level here as she rescues a kitten in a box in the rain on her way home, nursing it back to health in only the way that she can of course.

The cat is not a normal cat as it turns out that she’s an alien cat known as Catora that’s kind of just checking out Earth until she ended up running low on energy and spent her time scavenging for food. It takes a silly turn as they open a gateway and return to Catora’s world where it’s all ideally suited for cats in its own way. Naturally, there’s a music component here as she visits when there’s an idol concert and Monochrome wants to get involved with the humans that live here. It’s light and fluffy with nothing that really stands out and nothing that really offends, but it’s just another of the expected “fantastical” episodes that the show employs from time to time to keep people guessing. I tend to find them less than entertaining, but they continue to be well put together overall.

In Summary:
Once Catora begins to talk it’s probably best to just end the show there and enjoy the whole visual of a cat riding Ru-chan. The show gives us an abbreviated idol contest on another world with “shocking” results, but you know you don’t really care because it’s not a part of the story to invest in. It’s a nice diversion from the story that it’s been working through on Earth and reminds me why I do enjoy those episodes more.

Grade: C

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