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Hulu Adds Thirteen More Dubbed ‘One Piece’ Anime Episodes

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One Piece Season 7 Part 2 DVD HeaderFUNimation continues to bring out different aspects of the One Piece series in dubbed for on Hulu for streaming off of their own service and that means a mild patchwork of episodes. For those that keep up with it though, they’ve now added another thirteen episodes to the service now with episodes 397 through 409. These episodes make up the Season 7 Part 2 DVD release that came out at the beginning of September. In general though, what FUNimation has on Hulu is impressive as there are as of this writing 789 combined episodes on the service. The bulk of it is the original Japanese language with subtitles edition of course, but if you’re wanting to get into the show and have Hulu it’s definite;y an ideal way to do it.

Series premise: Luffy turns a mermaid auction into a pirate-style brawl when he knocks the snot out of a celestial dragon. The punch heard ’round the island may have saved Camie, but it lands the Straw Hats squarely in the sights of an entire fleet of marines! A little help from fellow pirates Trafalgar Law and Eustass Captain Kid buys the crew some breathing room, but the situation goes from bad to worse when an army of Kuma-clone Pacifistas make their presence felt. Throw in some Light Speed Kicks from Admiral Kizaru and Senfomaru’s battle axe, and things couldn’t get much worse for the Straw Hats.

Or could they? Luffy is forced to watch in horror as the real deal Bartholomew Kuma makes his beloved friends vanish one by one until the rubberman ends up a lonely castaway on the island of Amazon Lily!

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