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Miss Monochrome Season 3 Episode #06 Anime Review

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Miss Monochrome Season 3 Episode 6The yaoi fantasies of young women.

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Miss Monochrome did a welcome thing the last time around just in giving us a new song. Not that I expect it to be regularly mixed into the show or anything, but as we hit the halfway part of the third season I’m still surprised by this element of it. Considering our lead actress and her career, I figured we’d have a few more Monochrome songs in-show at the least to help drive CD sales. The music side of this reminds me more of 80’s US cartoons where it would have one or two songs and just run it into the ground with how often they were used. Which is even more problematic when you marathon a show and it’s just seemingly ever present – especially when it’s the opening or closing song as well. Make it an eight minute show? Dangerous.

With this episode, the show shifts us towards Monochrome’s first concert in Okayama where she’s practicing with the others and enjoying some relaxing moments as well. That means hot-spring material! And it’s just as cute as you’d expect with all the girls that are here now. But it also plays up some cute yaoi fantasy material as well with Maneo that actually makes me really enjoy just how honestly they embrace it for the brief time it runs. Since it’s Okayama, we get a Momotaro tale that’s skewed in Monochrome’s direction as while she’s out walking the riverbank, a large tuna head floats by. Smacking it open reveals a Momotaro-type that she ends up befriending easily and exercising with. It’s just kind of offbeat yet fits with the attempts at surreal that the show tries to work with and has middling results with.

In Summary:
Miss Monochrome has a pretty decent episode overall here, partially because half of it doesn’t really focus too much on her. Giving the team some downtime in the hot spring and having fun with a Maneo yaoi fantasy could have been the entire episode. Monochrome gets her storyline with a Momotaro type that digs into fishing to a degree, but it’s all just a moment of encouragement for her as she path continues on towards her big concert and attempts at winning over the world. It’s a nice bit of quiet before the storm in a sense and the relaxing tone works better than I would have guessed.

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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