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Gou-dere Vol. #03 Manga Review

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Gou-dere Volume 3 CoverWill the materialization of another girl from a manga result in more arrests for Shouta Yamakawa?

Creative Staff
Story/Art: Suu Minazuki
Translation/Adaptation: Christine Dashiell

What They Say
A powerful rival appears before the one and only Sora Nagihara, and this girl has still more “secret techniques” in her bag of tricks!! As this force of nature embroils innocent bystanders in her schemes, will she leave a major disaster in her wake…?! And when yet another new face catches Shouta’s interest, all sorts of sudden and drastic developments transpire!

Get ready! Brutal, brazen babe Sora reveals more of her abundant charms!

Content: (please note that content portions of this review contains spoilers):
Shouta Yamakawa is so absorbed with his love for 2-D girls that he has never noticed his childhood friend, Ryouko Kaburagi has a crush on him. Ryouko is also the one who kicked him out of the school dorms, ultimately forcing him to live with the buxom Tenka and her family. Being a classic tsundere, Ryouko has ruined all her chances to show Shouta that she has always loved him. Then out of nowhere, another girl materializes from one of her childhood friend romance mangas. This brash girl is even more forceful than Sora! Maybe that is just a byproduct of 2-D characters when they materialize in the real world?

This new girl, Teruno, is just downright mean to Ryouko. Nonetheless, Teruno quickly begins to throw down her 2-D battle techniques on Shouta in an attempt to make him fall in love with Ryouko. These battle techniques are hilarious takes on childhood friend activities like living next door and taking baths together. But when Teruno’s attack backfires and causes Shouta to fall in love with the office lady living next door, will Ryouko be able to get her love dreams back on track?

Eventually things get back to normal, or at least normal for Shouta, with Sora constantly sexually harassing girls. Shouta is surprised to find his classmate Oshino at an arcade. She is normally a quiet girl at school that spends her time alone reading and studying, but it turns out that she is awesome at video games. I’m not sure how much Shouta is trying to befriend Oshino when he asks her to play games with him. He may only be using her to defeat some video games that he can’t win on his own. Despite that, he does invite her to attend a gaming hall with his friends. Add Tenka’s family and Sora to the mix and the trip to bowl and play pool becomes an ecchi filled adventure of silliness.

In Summary
To this point, <Gou-Dere Sora Nagihara is mostly a comedy for the sake of being a comedy. However, the introduction of the social outcast Oshino begins to place the series on a slightly different trajectory. Despite seeming like a model student with great grades, Oshino has a terrible home life and no friends because of the pressure to succeed placed on her by her family. Her time spent with Shouta and his friends appears to be the first fun social things that she has ever done, but will the pressure from her family cause her to give up this little bit of happiness?

With only one more volume to go, it is difficult to predict how this series will end. The one thing that I am sure of is that there will be at least one more juice-spraying bukkake gag!

Content Grade: B-
Art Grade: B
Packaging Grade: A
Text/Translation Grade: A

Age Rating: Mature
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: May 19th, 2015
MSRP: $15.00