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Gou-dere Sora Nagihara Vol. #02 Manga Review

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Gou-dere Volume 2 CoverEverything whirls into a state of confusion and cuteness when a second Sora Nagihara suddenly appears; but this one claims to be the real Sora!

Creative Staff
Story/Art: Suu Minazuki
Translation/Adaptation: Christine Dashiell

What They Say
Once again, everyone’s favorite brazen, brutal babe, Sora Nagihara, lets it rip in exceptionally outrageous fashion with her 2-D Art of Death, Secret Technique!! And no one-not dorm leader Kaburagi, Yamakawa’s graceful hostess Tenka, or any number of other females (and even some males)-will escape unscathed!!

Content: (please note that content portions of this review contains spoilers):
The sudden materialization of a second Sora Nagihara is even crazier than the first time this happened. Not only that, but this second version is demure and sweet just as the character is in the manga. Not only that, but this second version claims the first one is the fake Sora. Even more shocking is when the first Sora runs away and doesn’t deny accusations that she is a fake!

Hilarity quickly ensues when Tenka’s hot mom pops in and starts going off on one of her baby-making speeches. Obviously, mom knows how to sort all this doppelganger confusion out by testing the two Sora’s to see which would be the better housewife. Cue the cook-off and follow that with the sexy bath technique test.

The normal brash First Sora seems really shy and keeps backing out of the competitions. Almost to the point that she is behaving more like the idealized manga version of Sora. But she isn’t the only one acting out of character; the Second Sora turns out to be a real psycho. Second Sora is pissed that First Sora tried to steal away one of her fans and she starts beating the snot out of First Sora!

Yamakawa is confused and unsure which of the Sora’s he actually likes. It shouldn’t be a contest for him as the Second Sora behaves exactly like the manga character, which is who Yamakawa fell in love with. But now that the authentic version is here in the flesh, he begins to realize that for all the First Sora’s flaws, he has actually come to like her personality. Even if that Sora does get him arrested on a regular basis. But can he find the two Sora’s in time and stop their kill or be killed battle? And if the Second Sora wins, will she stay with Yamakawa or go back to the pages of her manga series?

In Summary
This series is frenetic in the sense that there a plenty of characters and the main Sora is a whirlwind that never seems to sit still. It would lend itself quite well to being animated. Sora’s constant search for women to give Yamakawa offspring keeps him on his toes, and running from the cops. There is a lot of ecchi humor in all that, but I really enjoy Tenka’s hot mom and her shared “adult wisdom” moments, along with the fact that she often jumps in to save the day when Yamakawa or Tenka’s dad wimp out and give up.

This volume also explores some “childhood friends” romance between Yamakawa and his tsundere classmate Kaburagi. The fact that Yamakawa is completely oblivious only makes matters worse for him since Kaburagi is the one responsible for kicking him out of the dorms and forcing him to live with Tenka’s family. Plus, Kaburagi is the only one that could forgive Yamakawa and allow him to return to living in the dorms. But would Kaburagi ever do that? Time will tell, but my guess is her tsundere will never allow her to move her relationship with Yamakawa out of the friend zone.

Content Grade: B-
Art Grade: B
Packaging Grade: A
Text/Translation Grade: A

Age Rating: Mature
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: February 24th, 2015
MSRP: $15.00

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