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‘Anata wo Zutto Aishiteru’ Anime Feature Gets Japanese DVD Release Scheduled

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Anata wo Sutto AishiteruThe summer film release of Anata wo Zutto Aishiteru¬†in Japan and elsewhere in Asia happened and now the folks at Happinet are scheduling the home video release for it. With it being a more kids-oriented film, it’s going for an unsurprising route of just DVD only. The release is scheduled for a January 6th, 2016 street date priced at 3,240 yen. The release doesn’t have any extras listed for it at this time.

The film has Kazumi Nonaka as the chief director with Gong-Sook Choe as the director. The screenplay was written by Hisao Masuda and Tatsuya Mianashi and the film stars Kappei Yamaguchi and Marina Watanabe as the leads.

Plot concept: The story centers around Tron, an infant Tyrannosaurus who lost his mother Sera (Watanabe) and father Zesta (Yamaguchi). Left alone, Tron embarks on a journey and meets friends, learning about true strength and courage, and what love truly means.

[Source: Anata wo Zutto Aishiteru]