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Crunchyroll Now Streaming Bilingual ‘Ceres, Celestial Legend’ Anime Series

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Ceres VisualCrunchyroll has added another bilingual series to their service with the addition of Ceres, Celestial Legend, which was picked up by Discotek Media last year for home video release. The series is now available in full for premium members in both English and Japanese while free users have the first eight episodes available with new blocks of eight coming online each week until it’s finished.

The series aired in the spring and summer of 2000 for twenty-four episodes as animated by Studio Pierrot with Viz Media eventually licensing and releasing it on DVD. The title was based on the manga by Yuu Watase, who was very, very popular at the time due to her Fushigi Yugi work being animated, and the manga ran for fourteen volumes between 1996 and 2000, all of which were published in North America by Viz Media.

Plot concept: For their sixteenth birthday, Aya and Aki Mikage were expecting to go out with friends and celebrate in style. But when the twins received an invitation from their grandfather to visit the Mikage family mansion, they were obligated to obey. Instead of finding cake and presents, however, they found their entire family, faces grim and attitudes tense. A single gift was presented to the two of them–a gift that, when opened, changed their lives forever! What should have been just another day turns into the beginning of a nightmare, as Aya learns she is the reincarnation of the Celestial Maiden, Ceres. If that wasn’t confusing enough, her family’s gazes turn to ice, and they take her brother from her. Before she can even protest, her father turns a gun on her, and her fate seems sealed!

Using her newfound, mysterious powers, Aya escapes from her family. But now her normal everyday life is now shattered, and she’s left with only questions. Why is her family trying to kill her? Who was the Celestial Maiden, and why does Aya need to be her reincarnation? And just who is that mysterious man who keeps saving her life? Aya’s future now depends on uncovering the past, as learning what ties Ceres to the Mikage family might be the only way to save her life, and Aki’s!