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TV Tokyo Highlights 22nd ‘Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors’ Japanese Dubbed Episode

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Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 22TV Tokyo continues to have close ties to Disney and their Marvel side as they’ve currently broadcasting the third season of Ultimate Spider-Man with Web Warriors. The new season kicked off back in April and now the first bit of promotion for the twenty-second episode landing on September 1st has arrived. There’s a lot of fun to be had with this one as we get to see the character dealing with soem real issues – and some creative flashback designs that reminds us of how the character used to be animated. The series gets some prime broadcast real estate as it’s a 6:30 pm show, making it part of a lot of family’s dinner time together in Japan.

This season of the series was originally broadcast during the late summer/fall of 2014 in North America. If anyone knows the cast information for this series, please let us know as I’ve not been able to track it down.

Plot concept: After a fight with Shocker and falling from a building unconscious, Spider-Man sees what the world would be like without him when Nightmare takes him on a journey through his past, present, and future. After experiencing each one, Spider-Man must fight Nightmare to get out of this nightmare and learn the meaning of being a hero who needs it most.