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Comic Market 88 (Part 2!)

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The Comic Market 88 has ended. 8888.

But before despair sets in, there’s still a lot that happened before Sunday night fell.

Another day of Shihatsu-gumi, but here a member turned the tables of spectators who took photos of Shihatsu-gumi at the station.

And the next battle begins…

Before long the long queue for the Nitro+ booth:

If you’re in a line like that, you might see a 7-Eleven clerk selling soft drinks:

Speaking of support personnel, a doctor who works as a volunteer at the first-aid station.

And more lines. For the ATM.

• • •

Taxi driver: “On these three days, almost all taxis in the centre of Tokyo concentrate in this Tokyo Big Sight area. You rarely see taxis in other areas in the centre of Tokyo.”

The poster of the Twitter message: “So, if a taxi driver runs his car on the Comiké days in other areas in the centre of Tokyo, he can earn much money, right?”

Taxi driver: “Nope. Other areas still cannot beat the Tokyo Big Sight area on the Comiké days money-wise.”

– Next: a small sampling of what some people found at C88. – 

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