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Questioned By Fandom For The Week Of August 15th, 2015

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QuestionedIt’s been a bit since we spent some time with the questions asked by fandom and I do apologize for that. The summer season got utterly bonkers around here with all that was going on between convention coverage, kids out of school, the massive number of simulcasts hitting and the fact that I just ran out of time for some things for a bit. I’m trying to get back on the wagon and we’ll catch up on a few outstanding questions first.

We’re going to need more reviewers! Actually, we’re looking for more anime, manga, comic and TV reviews. If you’re interested, check out this post and just add the TV and anime side to it if there’s an area you want to delve into. We’ve had one already come on board, but we’re still looking for more!

Check out some of the things we were asked about this week, and hit us up with new questions here because we definitely enjoy it! Remember, it doesn’t have to be just about anime.

Do you think Media Blasters is putting a lot of effort to a ecchi show that nobody cares about?
Since you don’t reference a show I can’t say too much.

If you mean Ladies Versus Butlers?

Then no. If anything, them putting in the effort and showing that effort so publicly in the casting of the dub for it is a huge reassuring moment for even those that are NOT fans of the show. Because it means when MB gets on to its next show that they DO care about, they’ll hope it gets the same effort put into it.

And if you’re not a fan of the show then let it be a show that MB learns from in terms of its production and so forth.

Also, never use “nobody cares about” because it’s always 100% false. Someone cares about the show. And once it’s in the market, there will be more. Maybe not millions, but there will be more.

Every show is someone’s favorite show.

Do you New York will become the home of ecchi and hentai dubs?
Considering nobody else is producing hentai anime? More than likely. And I’m glad. Because damnit, we need more more hentai in the world.

okay, we need more of the fun hentai in the world in addition to the usual creepy stuff. I far prefer the lighter material or the relationship type stuff, though I know there’s less of that overall. Thankfully, as Kitty starts to dig into what’s available, they’ve got a backlog of years worth of unlicensed shows to look at. So hopefully less crap and more quality.

And there is quality hentai! But then again, I also think there’s quality porn (woo, X-Art!).

Opinions on Media Blasters using DVD-R?
I’ve been fine with it because the reality is that there’s little difference overall for the end user. If you didn’t know going into it you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. And at this point it allows them to get into production quicker, fix things quicker when problems do occur and keep from being overextended. When you’re trying to bring a company back that had faltered like MB did, this is something that you almost have to do. it’s not a corner cutting thing in my mind at all.
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Do you think it’s fair to judge a show by it’s fans? It happens for music all the time and I am ok with that.
I personally don’t, because the ones that make the most noise usually aren’t representative. I prefer to deal with individuals in that sense. Besides, I can’t let the “bad” fans turn me away from something I might actually like. Hell, if I listened to the haters of any number of books, movies, anime or manga I wouldn’t have experienced what I consider some very fun and enjoyable works over the years.
This was actually the question I got that had me stop dealing with for a bit, to be honest. It’s nothing with whoever actually posted it because I’m sure it was just part of some meme or thing going around at the time. But at that phase I was dealing with some medical stuff and a lot of stress and on top of other recent losses in my life it hit me pretty hard and I walked away for awhile.
How counterproductive is a “no dub, no buy” stance towards receiving new dubs?  Absolute Zero Now
It’s an individual choice. If you don’t like your anime in Japanese with subtitles than you’re more than fine in your position. You just miss out on some shows. I’ve got any number of live action foreign films that I can’t get some people to watch because it’s not in English. Some folks simply can’t, won’t or are unable to do it for a variety of reasons and I’m not one to judge. We all have our situations and reasons why we like things.

The releasing studios know this and have built in expectations because of it. So it’s not counterproductive in a sense. They know there’s a segment of fans that won’t buy it without a dub. I think that segment has gone down a bit over the years where fewer dubs were produced and their desire to see the shows outweighed the lack of a dub. But that core percentage will always be there and accounted for.

How is Fandom Post doing financially speaking?
I’d say trying to tread water is our goal someday. Advertising is a very difficult business these last few years to get. If I could do it as a gofundme and get the site done that way with a pledge drive to fund it for a year I’d probably lose 99% of my stress and be able to focus on things more.
When NIS America releases Standard Editions so soon after the Premium Editions run out of stock, does this tell us anything about how NISA is doing financially?
No, it’s probably more about the individual releases. While NIS America does some good anime work, it’s not their bread and butter as that’s the games area. What it probably says more is that their limited edition runs are definitely limited (i.e. not 20,000 Patlabor CE editions from Bandai Visual that got landfilled) and that they print to order plus a little extra. So when they sell out, they bring out the regular editions more quickly.
Your opinion on the site changes to Rightstuf?
Any site relaunch has its issues (oh boy do I know that) but it’s mostly smoothed out since then and I don’t notice much of a difference in my use of it these days (and I use it daily just for reference points alone). Change is hard for folks but they needed a site update, likely on the backend as well, as it’d been a long time since they last had one.
Ever watched Zettai Karen Children/Psychic Squad (the 50+ episodes or so show)? If so, what were your thoughts on it?
I did! I reviewed them at a previous location. I liked the show for the most part, but had some trouble with it because of its episodic nature and long run time. As it got closer to the end I really enjoyed it a lot and would love to see the later manga material adapted where the girls are older.

I really, really liked The Ultimate series.

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Agree or disagree: A true fan of a particular work of fiction will not only enjoy and like the work, but is willing to accept constructive criticisms of the work.
There’s no such thing as a “true fan”

What you’re talking about are people that feel themselves so invested in a work that they enjoy that they cannot take criticism of it because it comes across as a personal attack to them. They’re just as much a fan as anyone else (unless they be trolling) but they’re not able to separate the work from themselves.

Not that most other fans or critics in these situations are being constructive in their criticism either. There are plenty of good constructive criticism topics and discussions out there no doubt but the majority is usual fan back and forth stuff.

Ever heard of the TV channel called Chiller? If Chiller were to air more anime in their Wednesday anime block, what anime would you like to see aired? Also, do you think Gakkou Gurashi would fit in the Chiller TV channel, or troll the Toonami fans?  Dark Paladin X
With Chiller’s anime block lasting about five seconds, well, this question is amusing a month after the fact. Chiller had a minimal audience to begin with and they were using shows that were pretty out of date for the most part. It’s like an intern found some anime they still had a broadcast license for and decided to put it on before someone with some authority at the network realized what happened and put the kibosh on it.

Thankfully, it has no actual impact on how anime will be brought out in the mainstream going forward.

Top five anime studios that left a bad impression towards you and why?
Anime studios, presumably you mean Japanese ones, really don’t leave a bad impression with me. Mostly because they’re like Hollywood studios and are made up of a very diverse group of creators, projects and plans that can’t be nailed down to a single thing. Some projects may leave a bad taste but a studio in general doesn’t.

If you mean a US distributor of anime, well, the same applies.

Do you think Wits Studio and A-1 Pictures are comparable to M. Night Shyamalan and Michael Bay respectfully?
Do you think Wits Studio and A-1 Pictures are comparable to M. Night Shyamalan and Michael Bay respectfully?
Agree or disagree: Funimation should NEVER try to dub any slice of life or any moe/fanservice anime title and instead focus on Broadcast Dubs that appeal to the mainstream audience,
Disagree. FUNimation should dub every moe/fanservice show while playing the characters as Dragon Ball Z characters. Male voices for everyone and using DBZ scripts to do it.

The problem with the question is that, at least on the fanservice side, is that those ARE the mainstream audience shows right now. As much as some fans may hate to admit it, what they consider “crap” is exactly what’s drawing people to watch the show on the sites. And while many may claim that audiences are cratering after the first few episodes, that’s largely not true. The end result is that FUNimation knows what’s streaming and who is watching what – and who will come back to watch it in the Broadcast Dub form.

AND they also know which shows they can actually dub because of, you know, licensing issues. Just because they stream it doesn’t mean they can dub it. Or that a licensor will agree with it being done that way. A vocal group of fans may demand Rampo Kitan be given a Broadcast Dub but we know there are many Japanese licensors and creators that want to be heavily involved in selection at times of who does what. So that can be limiting as well.

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