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World Trigger Episode #40 – 41 Anime Review

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World Trigger Episode 41Modern Triggerfare 2: Sniper Edition

What They Say:
Osamu Mikumo is a member of Border, an organization designed to protect Mikado City the from alien invaders knows as Neighbors. One day a mysterious new student named Yuma Kuga transfers to his school and turns out to be a humanoid neighbor himself. The two are supposed to be natural enemies, but could there be more to neighbors than Osamu has bargained for…

The Review:
Content (warning as portions of this review may contain spoilers):
Tourney time continues in World Trigger as it continues to make its way through the B-rank wars. The show took its time padding things out previously, but this time around the focus is largely on the action. In fact, it’s pretty much nothing but action, and while that means there’s not a whole lot of substance to be had here, it still makes for a pretty good time.

Kicking off from where things were last time, Osamu and co. get pitted up against the Arafune and Suwa squads, making these two episodes effectively one long fight scene. Though while I say “fight scene” it’s mostly just another excuse for the author to show off his obvious love for modern warfare FPS games through Trigger combat. Like always it manages to work pretty effectively, but on the downside it means there’s not a whole lot to talk about here.

I will say that the one thing you really have to appreciate about these obvious video game set-ups is that the author clearly put a lot of time into ensuring strategy is always the key factor. Here, the trio finds themselves pitted up against the Arafune squad’s expert snipers which would make having the high ground the obvious priority. However, instead of trying to compete with snipers more experienced than they are, they instead opt to lure the Suwa squad into doing the dirty work for them by pitting those two squads against each other and attacking both sides in the meantime.

Of course things don’t go quite that smoothly, as the Arafune and Suwa squad have some tactics of their own, and it gets especially chaotic when Arafune’s leading sniper also turns out to be good enough with a sword to give Yuma a run for his money. Ultimately, though, the trio had the better plan and manage to win courtesy of a three-pronged attack, taking advantage of their best traits. It’s pretty neat to watch play out from beginning to end, with the animation and overall pacing being just good enough to avoid dragging things down. Although the most notable tidbit here, is that the show is really starting to set up Osamu as an effective strategist as it’s largely thanks his strategy that they managed to come out with a really strong win. After how much he’s struggled to deal with his own lack of talent over the course of the series, it’s good to see that he’s found a way to feel useful, and that he’s also proving to be an effective leader. That’s something I hope continues to get expanded on, though in the meantime, onto the next battle.

In Summary:
World Trigger dishes out another lengthy modern warfare battle scenario, and one that takes up both of these episodes. As a result, there’s not really  a whole lot to talk about aside from that, but it’s a pretty engaging battle so that balances itself out more or less. It’s also nice to see that Osamu’s starting to become a bit more of a confident leader now, and I’m looking to seeing how that continues to play out as the B-rank fights progress.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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