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Aniplex Japan Begins Soliciting ‘Charlotte’ Anime DVD/BD Releases

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Charlotte Hulu HeaderAs is often the case with Aniplex Japan, frustratingly so in some ways, they’ve begun their release solicitations for the summer 2014 anime series Charlotte. Only the first volume has been scheduled so far with a good selection of limited edition extras being included in it. The series is beginning its home video release on September 23rd, 2015 where both formats are being listed as limited editions. The DVD releases are priced at 6,480 yen while the Blu-ray editions are at 7,560 yen. Check the chart below that we’ll update as new volumes are released in future posts.

The property is an original work from Jun Maeda and will have original character designs provided by Na-Ga, who did the designs for Angel Beats and Little Busters in their original works. The series will be animated by P.A. Works. We now know that Yoshiyuki Asai will be directing the series proper and that the character design adaptation will be done by Kanami Sekiguchi.

The characters in the series include Kouki Uchiyama as Yuu Otosaka, Ayane Sakura as Nao Tomori, Takahiro Mizushima as Joujirou Takajou, Maaya Uchida as Nishimori Yusa and Momo Asakura as Ayumi Otosaka.

Lia and Aoi Tada are performing the opening and closing songs respectively for the series with original creator Jun Maeda providing the lyrics and doing the composition for both songs. Background music for the series is being done by ZHIEND with Marina Nakamura doing the vocals for it and Maeda is involved in the composition there as well, though Hikarisyuyo is involved there as well. Both Lia and Tada have worked on some very popular shows before, from Angel Beats to Little Busters! and Air.

Plot concept: Set in a word in which a small percent of children manifest super powers upon reaching puberty, the series follows the Nouryokusha mono, power bearer, members of the “Hoshi No Umi” Academy student council as they help peers with problems arising from their abilities.

Volume Date Extras
1 09/23/15 Drama CD, Music Booklet, Screenplay, OP/ED Storyboards, Episode Previews, Charlotte Special

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