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VAP Sets ‘Akai Koudan Zillion’ Japanese Blu-ray Anime Box Set

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Akai Koudan Zillion CoverFans of the 198 series Akai Koudan Zillion, known as just Zillion with the limited number of episodes we got here for it through Streamline, the show is now being put together for a new Japanese Blu-ray box set release. The Production I.G. series is being released by VAP on September 25th, 2015 with the 31 episodes plus the OVA for 41,040 yen. The release is being put together from a new high definition transfer, not an upscale, and will include the original Japanese language only. it’ll come with the commentary material, the clean opening and closing and the commercials for the set. A booklet is also being produced for the release and what looks to be a storyboard book as well.

Plot concept: The story takes place on the planet Maris in the year 2387. Around this time, the Nozas started to genocidally kill all humans in order to lay eggs and reproduce on the planet. Three mysterious guns dubbed the “Zillion Weapon System” appear and three teens (JJ, Champ, and Apple) are chosen to wield them as the White Knights in order to fight back against the Nozas.

[Souce: Akai Koudan Zillion]

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