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‘The Severing Crime Edge’ Manga Ends

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The Severing Crime Edge
The Severing Crime Edge

Tatsuhiko Hikagi has announced that his manga series The Severing Crime Edge has come to a close with the latest installment that was published on Monday. The series originally began in 2009 in Monthly comic Alive and has ten volumes collected so far with an eleventh on the way. The property is one that did well enough overall and it generated an anime adaptation back in the spring 2013 season. That show was subsequently streamed and licensed by Sentai Filmworks. You can read our review of it here.

The manga series remains unlicensed in North America.

The series ran for thirteen episodes and was directed by Yuji Yamaguchi (Fate / stay night TV) and features character designs by Katsuzo Hirata (Angel Beats!) with series composition by Tatsuhiko Urahata (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere), sound direction by Yota Tsuruoka (CLANNAD) and music by Yasuharu Takanashi (Hell Girl).

Plot concept: Kiri Haimura loves cutting hair. Actually, he doesn’t just love cutting hair, he obsesses over it and even has a special set of scissors he delights in using. But when his mane obsession for a bit of trim draws him to Iwai Mushanokōji , whose long hair has never been cut, he finds himself entangled in a situation no shears can hack him out of. Because Iwai is heir to a strange curse that makes her hair impossible to cut. Or, at least, until Kiri’s clippers take off a lock, thereby revealing that his scissors are cursed as well! But now that she’s shorn free, Iwai has a slew of “murderers” after her, each armed with their own cursed implements and eager for the chance to kill the “Hair Queen.” And if that’s not enough to make Kiri wig out, it seems that many of them actually attend his own school! Will this evil crew cut in on Kiri’s Hair Queen, or will he snip their ambitions in the bud? The worst hair day ever turns into the ultimate series of close shaves, distressing situations and, yes, brushes with death in SEVERING CRIME EDGE!

[Source: ANN]

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