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FUNimation Adds ‘Speed Racer’ Anime License

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Speed RacerOne of those evergreen kinds of series in many ways, FUNimation has added a big and noteworthy feather to their cap today with the acquisition of the Speed Racer anime rights. Details are slim at the moment, but the company has picked up the rights to release the show in Blu-ray for the first time and in Japanese with English subtitles for the first time. The release will include episodes that weren’t brought over previously from the original fifty-two episode run. The series got an HD remaster in Japan not that long ago so there are definitely some solid materials to work with. That release came out back in 2012 and had all 52 episodes at 54,600 yen.

Plot concept: A brilliant race car driver named Go Mifune drives the Mach, with its seven secret devices. He speeds around the world and his spectacular skills win him a great number of ardent fans. This racing story also includes romantic and suspenseful elements.

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