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Sentai Filmworks Reveals November 2015 Anime Tentative Cover Artwork

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Ao Haru Ride Blue Spring Ride HeaderSentai Filmworks announced their November 2015 anime DVD and Blu-ray release slate earlier today and now they’ve got up their placeholder artwork for all the titles.

As we always say, this is all tentative and nothing is finalized, though we often see that most of the covers use the same artwork in general but with some cleaning up done and a few other minor tweaks and the like. This month gives us a look at two more Sentai Selects releases, which is interesting to see how their branding is being done, though we’re curious to see what the reversible cover will be since that’s a great option for fans not wanting the “priced down” framing that’s usually done with it.

What covers do you like? Which ones have you throwing your hands up in the air wondering why they chose that? And do any get you interested in checking out a show you haven’t seen?

Angelic Layer Not Final

Invaders of Rokujyoma BD Not Final

Invaders of Rokujyoma DVD Not Final

Dramatical Murder BD Not Final

Dramatical Murder DVD Not Final

La Corda d'oro Blue Sky BD Not Final

La Corda d'oro Blue Sky DVD Not Final

Glasslip BD Not Final

Glasslip DVD Not final

Ao Haru Ride BD Not Final

Ao Haru Ride DVD Not Final

Hidamari Sketch Season 4 DVD Not Final

He is My Master Not Final

Gatchaman Movie BD Not Final

Gatchaman Movie DVD Not Final

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