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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #26 Anime Review (Season Finale)

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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #26
Sailor Moon Crystal Episode #26

The crystal saga is over, but Sailor Moon’s story is not.

What They Say:
“Act.26 Replay – Never Ending -”
Death Phantom radiates an enormous dark power. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon take a stand and release the power of the “Legendary Silver Crystal”.

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Last week’s Sailor Moon Crystal ended on a cliffhanger where the entire crew looked like they were about to square off against the Death Phantom. Well, surprise! They are suddenly teleported back to the desolate earth, everyone but Sailor Moon that is. It turns out that was just an illusion.

The first thing I notice is that the animation is steady and holding, in that there is a decent amount of movement for once. No more static poses for this final episode. There are still terrible time saving tricks being used, and the direction is still terrible at conveying where everyone is in any given close up. However the pacing is much improved and a lot happens at a good clip here.

Neo Queen Serenity finally awakens and graces everyone with her benevolent presence. Devoid of the shrill voice of her youth she greets her daughter and the others after awakening her husband. All knowing she reveals that what they saw was an illusion, and that Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are off floating toward the real Death Phantom in space. They hand-wave the explanation for why Neo Queen Serenity can’t fight herself, basically her power as a guardian is now in her daughter’s hands. She affirms her love of her daughter and gives her the means to join Sailor Moon to defeat evil. However the rest of the guardians remain grounded, making them ultimately completely useless in this battle and for the entire arc.

Up in space Usagi and Mamoru get ready to confront the ultimate evil, only for Chibi-usa to appear between them as they kiss once again. (The love-child symbolism is so heavy it has it’s own gravity and atmosphere.) With a wand of her own Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-moon use the power of the past and future to destroy the evil in an explosion that would make the death star blush with envy.

Back on Earth, Neo Queen Serenity is able to restore everything to as it once was with a simple wave of her scepter. This bothers me to no end. The only loss in that entire world ending confrontation was a handful of terrorists and Sailor Pluto, who was the ultimate sacrifice. You would have expected that some time travel trickery would have been needed to avoid this fate. The Queen gives the guardians a power boost, and gives Sailor Moon one from a distance. The Queen doesn’t want to cause a paradox and tries to keep from seeing her past self. However Usagi being Usagi rushes forward to thank her future self and everyone gets to see their future selves before departing back for the present.

Back in present day Usagi is forced to say goodbye to Chibi-usa, who must return to her own time. Tears are shed, the whole situation is rather amusing, and Chibi-usa departs. Usagi and Mamoru finally get a second chance to have their kiss in the park… when the little girl falls from the sky once again. It turns out Neo Queen Serenity is still very much Usagi at heart, and sends back a casual letter to her past self asking for her to train her daughter in use of her powers.

Episode Grade:  B


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