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Viewster Adds ‘Strawberry Panic’ & ‘Murder Princess’ Anime Streaming

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Strawberry PanicViewster continues to pick up some interesting titles for streaming from older properties that haven’t been thought of much for awhile but definitely deserve more time in the sun. The streaming service, which recently opened its US offices in Los Angeles, has now added Strawberry Panic and Murder Princess on their site. Media Blasters previously released Strawberry Panic, though it’s uncertain if they still retain that license, while FUNimation released Murder Princess and continues to stream it in bilingual form on their site.

Regions for these two shows are worldwide where they have channels in except for French speaking countries.

Strawberry Panic: Aoi Nagisa transfers to one of the three affiliated all-girl Catholic schools on Astraea Hill, St. Miator’s Girls’ Academy. There, she discovers a community of fellow students entwined in an intricate hierarchy, in which two Etoiles represent the three schools. In order to fit in, Nagisa must go to class, join clubs, and make new friends. Meanwhile, Shizuma Hanazono, the sole Etoile of Astraea Hill, finds herself drawn to this new, exciting transfer student. As Shizuma and Nagisa get to know each other, Shizuma finally decides it is time to face her troubled past.

Murder Princess: In the kingdom of Forland, a coup d’etat occurs which leads to the death of the King. In the last moments of his life, the King sends his only child, Princess Alita Forland to escape. Unfortunately, while fleeing, a life and death situation between Alita and the bloodthirsty bounty hunter Falis causes the two of them to switch bodies. Desperate for the safety of her Kingdom, Alita begs Falis to return and protect the Kingdom, offering herself as collateral. After a swift beating on the rebel forces, Falis resumes the title of Princess of Forland, leading to the birth of the most savage princess in their land, the “Murder Princess”.

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