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Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Episode #02 Anime Review

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Rampo Kitan Episode 2What they say:
“Kobayashi has been arrested. It seems that he’s been charged with additional crimes. Before the police take him away, he whispers something to Hashiba. What will happen to him? Who is the real killer? Will he be able to solve this crime?”

The Review:
A game of wizard’s chess is afoot. Continuing where the previous episode left off, the episode begins with Kobayashi being whisked away into police custody. Not before a moment of romantic tension with Hashiba, though. Hashiba goes to class the next day, lying to his classmates about Kobayashi’s situation. When the teacher finds the victim/murderer’s cellphone in her desk the true culprit panics. Back at the interrogation room, Kobayashi is being snarky and just generally calm about his circumstances until Hashiba enters the room and confirms that the murderer was among the students.

Kobayashi has a bout of expositionitus and quickly resolves the case. In order to confirm Kobayashi’s theory, we cut away to a trap he has planted for the murderer. With the help of the teacher, the gang has swapped the victim’s cell phone/evidence with a fake which the murderer went back to retrieve. Koabayashi catches her in the act and has a duel of words with the murderer. The real culprit is apprehended and is taken away. Akechi assigns Kobayashi the honour of being his assistant and they cut to the credits.

In Summary:
This was a somewhat anticlimactic resolution, but that probably is to be expected as it is the first arc. The decisions that were made for the art direction more than compensated for this though. Ranpo Kitan is far from standard anime fair and it’s a breath of fresh air. From here comes the real challenge: will the show build tension in future arcs? I suppose only with time we can say.

Grade: B-

Streamed by: FUNimation

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