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Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Oz: Reign of the Witch Queen #3 Review

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Reign of the Witch Queen Issue 3 CoverThe Gale versus the Warlord – Good versus Evil. Who will hope to win?

Creative Staff:
Writer: Jeff Massey & Kristin Massey
Artwork: Antonio Bifulco

What They Say:
Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, died bringing Dorothy Gale back from Kansas to face Warlord, a warrior bent on subjugating Oz. Warlord resurrected the greatest evil to cast shadow over the Realm of Hope: Zamora. Fortunately, the “lost” Emerald Sage, Smynth, helped Dorothy refine her magical power. After a great battle, both side now regroup and prepare for their final conflict.

But following the betrayals and revelations at Zamoran, will Dorothy Gale once again defend the Land of Hope, or succumb to the forces that buffet at every turn?

Content (please note that portions of a review may contain spoilers):
The Gale has now assumed the throne of Oz, but how can a simple farm girl from Kan’zaas lead these people when she is still unsure of her own worth? But now is not the time for self doubt, Dorothy and the Council must decide how they will deal with the Warlord. Although this mighty general may lead Zamora’s armies, he himself is a gruesome foe on the field for his skill is unmatched by any be they man or beast. He must be defeated first before they hope to challenge Zamora.

But the Warlord is no ordinary man: he was raised by the Dark One himself, imbued with Stygian sorceries, for the sole purpose of carving a path into the heart of Oz. Darkness was burned into his soul, mercy is mere folly and hope a delusion of the weak. And yet his master gave him one more gift to use against the forces of the Light, a wicked sword known as Reaver; this shard of evil nullifies all green magicks and leaves its foes in despair. And yet, this mighty blade is also his weakness – it has bathed its owner only in darkness, shielding him from the light. If they were to somehow to relieve him of its protection, Dorothy might be able to overwhelm him with the purity of the green.

However, it will not be easy, for they still need a way to exhaust his dependence on the black and while amplifying the Gale’s control of the green. The Tufnel Stones may help, for they are a mystical monument that is a convergence of both energies. But, how will they separate Zamora from her guardian? He will not leave her side willingly unless the armies of Oz make this a battle on two fronts: a magical confrontation against the sorceress and a physical assault to lure the Warlord to Dorothy. However, the problem of his cursed blade still lays bare – this will all be for naught unless his vulnerability can be exploited. Unfortunately, there is but one who is willing, or foolish enough, to procure it: Smynth’s old friend, Rho’kat. If he can stay sober enough to accomplish the mission, everything else will fall into place, won’t it?

In Summary:
We finally get to meet the narrator – Rho’kat! I love the way he is poured into the issue as the neighborhood drunk. But not that we know who is telling the tale, you cannot help but take everything is says with a grain of salt. Who knows how much is truth, how much is elaboration and how much are foggy shades spun from the tavern floor? After all, the series does start as a drinking story! But it doesn’t really matter since it is amusing either way!

And the fun continues as our morality tale is brilliantly illustrated by Bifulco’s marvelous artwork. The way he seamlessly balances somber moments, interjections of humour and the spontaneity of horrific scenes draws the reader deeper into the Masseys’ melodrama. The cooperation of the two mediums helps to bring what would have been a mediocre issue into one that urges the viewer to move forward to see what will happen next.

But, how will the defenders of Emerald City be able to do anything if the Warlord and Dorothy are unable to find balance? This theme is echoed within both the green and the black – good and evil. One cannot be truly one alignment, everything is a combination of both elements. And yet, Zamora’s bodyguard is supposedly totally corrupted by the black and the Gale does not want to accept that she is a product of her mother and the purity of Oz. This story just gets more and more intriguing!

Grade: A

Rating: 16+
Released By: Zenescope
Release Date: July 8th, 2015
MSRP: $3.99

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