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‘Expelled from Paradise’ Anime Feature Getting Sequel Novel

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Expelled From Paradise Aniplex USAThe release of the 3DCG anime feature film Expelled from Paradise has come and gone in both Japan and the US when it comes to theatrical and home video releases. While the film ends with enough closure to satisfy most, there’s still plenty of places it could go with a sequel. That sequel now looks to be taking place in novel form, according to Nitroplus, as Rakuen Tsuihō 2.0: Rakuen Zangyō -Godspeed You- is set for a September 11th, 2015 debut. The novel looks to work with new characters rather than be direct sequel involving most of those from the first, but an expansion on this world isn’t an unwelcome thing.

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The feature is an original work from Gen Urobuchi, who has certainly carved out a following in the last few years with shows like Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero, with Toei doing the production for it along with nitro+. Seiji Muzshima is directing with Rie Kgumiya and Miki Shinichiro set to star.

Aniplex USA has picked up the rights for the film in North America so far.

Plot concept: Earth was ruined by the nano hazard. Many of the human race abandoned on the ground, in the cyber world diva Become the data it was supposed to live. 2400, the diva has been exposed to accident. Hacking of the mystery of the world from the ground. Lord of hacking, identified himself with the Frontier setter. The aim of hacking something. Investigator Angela diva is Wearing a body-material body of flesh and blood, and landed on the ground world. The awaited Angela tries to contact with the ground investigator dingo, herd Monster warm sand that haunted the ground. Angela you start your exoskeleton suit Ahan to Mukaeutsu it. Should somewhere on the ground devastated, Frontier setter is lurking. Now, approaching journey of Dingo and Angela, the mystery of the world began.

[Source: ANN]

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