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‘Star Wars’ Top Ten Best Starfighters Get Unofficially Ranked

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SW Best StarfightersThe folks at the official Star Wars site have been busy with a lot of project lately, so there hasn’t been much in the way of their top ten lists for awhile. But they’ve fixed that up a bit this weekend with the arrival of a new one that delves into the top ten starfighters that exist in the various franchises. THey do spread out a bit within the official canon as we get the live action films as well as the Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels series to pick craft from. There’s some pretty good choices here and some varied clips used from across the various properties to show it all off.

Which is your favorite?

10. Kom’rk-class
Leading the attack run on our list is a fighter fit for a group called Death Watch. With powerful laser cannons, strong engines, and plenty of room for the whole family, it’s perfect for the warriors of Mandalore. Plus, its forked nose and rotating wings give it boosts in both speed and coolness.

9. Droid starfighter
It walks. It talks. It is the CREEPIEST starfighter ever. The signature aerial weapon of the Separatist army, the droid starfighter is fast, deadly, and versatile. All in all, a true killing machine that gives the best starpilots a run for their money.

8. Naboo N-1 starfighter
An elegant starfighter for a more civilized age. The N-1’s regal aesthetic, complete with aerodynamic curves, handsome chromium front, and beautiful yellow body, is simply stunning. It’s no slouch in the firepower department either. Here’s a hint, battle droids: shields UP.

7. B-wing
Sometimes, bigger just IS better. The B-wing dwarfs most other starfighters, and with its size comes heavy weaponry that can help topple an Empire. But the reason we really love it? Three words: Gyroscopic. Rotating. Cockpit.

6. A-wing
There’s fast, then there’s A-wing fast. This starfighter is the speediest in the Rebel fleet, inside or outside the Death Star. Its arrowhead shape and bold colors make it distinctive, and while the A-wing is small, take a lesson from Yoda — judge it by its size, you should not.

5. ARC-170
It takes three clone troopers and one astromech to handle this bad boy, and for good reason: the ARC-170 is among the Republic’s most powerful craft. Seen in battles from Malastare to Coruscant, it’s bulky, dynamic, and hard to beat when it comes to clanker control.

4. Y-wing
How reliable is the Y-wing? So reliable that it’s been in use since the Clone Wars. One of the Rebellion’s hallmark craft, it acts as both a ship-to-ship fighter and a bomber, making up for its lack of speed with brute force. The Y-wing is a workhorse — and after all these years, still does its job very well.

3. Jedi starfighter (series)
It’s good for blasting battle droids, excels at mystical journeys to strange worlds, and is perfect for speeding onto a Separatist flagship. The Jedi starfighter, in all its variations, can handle almost any situation. This fighter series combines sharp looks and technological innovations into one Forceful whole. No wonder the galaxy’s guardians of peace and justice make it their starship of choice.

2. TIE (series)
The screaming engines. The cold colors. The threatening design. From the TIE fighter to the experimental TIE Advanced ships, the TIE series can either outmaneuver, overwhelm, or overpower almost any other craft. In the end, the TIE is an iconic symbol of Imperial tyranny: where there’s a TIE model starfighter, there’s the unending reach and wrath of the Empire.

1. X-wing
The X-wing is the definitive starfighter of the Rebel Alliance and of a galaxy far, far away. Its super-slim frame, killer wing layout, and touches of color give it real personality, while its unmatchable dogfighting ability, blinding speed, and role in the destruction of two Death Stars make it a classic. If we could step into one starfighter cockpit, it would be an X-wing’s. That’s why we rank it #1.