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Comical Psychosomatic Medicine Episode #19 Anime Review

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Comical Psychosomatic Medicine Episode 19“What Day is the Toughest on Your Mental State?”

The Review:
The show, plowing ahead with its plotline once again this week, begins with a poorly written fanfiction only this time pairing Himeru and Ryou as she asks him to go out on a date. We quickly find out that, in reality, she was asking for advice so as to how much of the first few moments were just in Ryou’s head we will never know. I really could not care less about Ryou’s apparently depressing love life but, sure, just dedicate the last episode I review to it. Himeru and Ryou walk into a bar, the punchline is that the bartender is the flasher from early in the series.

Ryou gives a long occasionally interrupted monologue getting psyched up. I really think they’re running out of topics and are as desperate as I am for this to end. During the speech, the flasher talks about bloomers. Have they even given him an actual name? He is technically a recurring character. Oh well. Himeru inexplicably inspired by Ryou’s bland speech, is motivated to call the police on the flasher which Ryou misinterprets as… I’m not entirely sure. The episode ends with Himeru satisfied and, for once, I think a character actually got some development.

In Summary:
I think I’ve been writing these reviews for long enough for the show to have been given the opportunity to exhibit its good points of which there are none. There were a few guilty pleasure episodes. Early episodes presented the shows unique formula, however, the show really did nothing else afterwards and instead fell flat on its face. Comical Psychosomatic Medicine panders to the lowest common denominator while trying to preach to the audience. The latter part would not be so bad if not for the former. In fact, I might have actually enjoyed a show about mental health that didn’t feel the need to be lewd every other frame. This is probably as series that will be forgotten by most immediately after it has finished. In fact, I found myself trailing off to different subjects when the show appeared in my mind. Farewell. Adieu.

Grade: D

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