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The Whispers Season 1 Episode #04 – Meltdown Review

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The Whispers Season 1 Episode 4You mean you can’t flip a switch and turn off a nuclear power plant?

What They Say:
Meltdown – Minx tries to talk Henry out of playing one more game with Drill; Claire and Wes race to stop Sean from causing a deadly incident.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Over the first three episodes of The Whispers, the show has quickly lost what little allowances it had to feel itself out and find the voice and path it wanted to take. There’ve been a number of missteps along the way, which haven’t worked out well, and the show can be super critiqued for these kinds of elements. I do try to give a little more of a pass with summer fare, simply because it’s usually low budget stuff, and with it being a show based in some small fashion on a Ray Bradbury short story, I had some hope. While it’s not quite near the same level of Extant, which I thought was mind numbingly awful, it’s certainly moving down that path with its bad writing and characterization.

Part of the interesting aspect of the show is with the kids themselves. It’s an area where you definitely give a bit more latitude for acting, and with the stilted dialogue given here, they’re certainly doing the best they can. This time around, things have taken an odd turn as Drill has suggested that Minx go and play with Henry. Considering Minx’s view of Henry’s mother, and the way it’s caused havoc at her home, it’s surprising that she’s willing to go along with it, even for Drill. Henry’s still pretty oblivious to some aspects of this, but putting the two kids together could lead to some interesting moments. The pair are certainly resourceful enough, finding a way to let Minx stay with his grandmother there keep an eye on things, but the other positive side is that it gives Henry someone to talk to. And with Henry given a game to play by Drill, there’s enough nudging in that area as well.

With Claire and Wes working together more now, something that Rollins calls her out on repeatedly in quite the unprofessional and dismissive way, they’ve setup shop at a mobile homeland security vehicle outside of the nuclear power plant. With the belief that he’s there to exploit a flaw and overheat the system and cause a problem, we get some utterly awful dialogue about just shutting down the plant, because it’s just so easily to done according to people that should know better. Of course, while they think that juts their presence will help stop Sean from his mission, it doesn’t take long for events to move forward and Sean to arrive with the good doctor, just strolling in. Because there is, of course, no security at all here and when people evacuate the building, there are no procedures to make sure someone doesn’t sneak in. It’s just the kind of terrible plotting and storytelling that the show has decided it wants to work with.

Where the show lost me along the way here is while grandma is watching the kids, Minx cuts her finger in order to distract said grandma. So while she does take care of it, she also ends up calling Claire to get Minx’s parents phone number so she can let them know. So, while Claire is off at a nuclear plant attempting to stop an impending disaster, she takes a call from her mother. Not entirely unreasonable, but it just doesn’t sit well in the slightest and feels so forced, especially when she then makes that her priority and heads back home because she learns that it’s Minx that’s there. But before that, things start going so badly at the plant with Sean there as doors are being sealed without commands, cameras are going out and Wes is using his authority as the DOD representative to force the plant into shutting down.

It just boggles.

In Summary:
While there are some interesting moments here and there, particularly with the creepiness of the kids playing this game with Drill and the kind of otherworldly bland expressions they give each other at times when they help each other out, it’s nowhere near enough to help save the show. It’s the one small dull spot of interest. The summer season has a fair number of shows to choose from where it’s at the point that I don’t feel that I have to keep up with something. I wanted to stick with The Whispers because I thought it had potential, but it keeps falling apart more and more as it goes on in so many ways. Now that The Last Ship and Falling Skies are coming back, Teen Wolf returns next week and The Strain in July, a show like The Whispers is easier to just let fade into a memory that you never really pull up again.

Grade: D

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