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Sentai Filmworks Showcases Tentative October 2015 Anime DVD/BD Cover Art

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BrynhilderSentai Filmworks announced their anime DVD/BD slate for release coming out this October, and that means we’ve also got the first blush look at the cover artwork for them. As we say all the time, this is all very tentative and often they just use whatever artwork originally comes in for placeholder material, since it looks better via retail than having a blank image. With the Japanese license holders having to sign off on everything, that can go right up to the last minute sometimes.

So take a look at what’s on the way – though obviously there’s no information regarding the Beyond the Boundary collector’s edition in regards to pack-ins, but we have the tentative cover artwork. They’ll be doing a bigger roll out to showcase what they have in mind for that beast of a release.

Which covers do you hope stay and which do you want to see changed out?

Beyond the Boundary CD Cover

Sasami-san Ganbaranai BD Cover

Brynhilder in the Darkness BD Cover

Brynhilder in the Darkness DVD Cover

Blade and Soul BD Cover

Blade and Soul DVD Cover

Black Bullet BD Cover

Black Bullet DVD Cover

Space Brothers Part 5 BD Cover

space Brothers Part 5 DVD Cover

Hayate the Combat Butler Season 2 BD Cover

Hayate the Combat Butler Season 2 DVD Cover

Beyond the Boundary BD Cover

Beyond the Boundary DVD Cover

The World is Still Beautiful BD Cover

The World is Still Beautiful DVD Cover

Bakumatsu Rock BD Cover

Bakumatsu Rock DVD Cover

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