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Michael Keaton Engages With ‘Imagine Agents’ Film

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Imagine Agents CoverMichael Keaton is the kind of actor who’s always working, though not always on projects that catch a lot of attention. After the string of nominations and awards he got for Birdman, he’s now in the midst of filming Spotlight and is attached to the Kong: Skull Island film. He’s also now getting things moving on a new project of his own, producing ands tarring in the adaptation of the BOOM! Studios series Imagine Agents. There’s not much in thew ay of details yet, but the project is set up at Fox. The original work was created by Brian Joines and artist Bachan.

Plot concept: Meet Dave and Terry, agents of I.M.A.G.I.N.E. They’re on the streets to combat the uncontrollable imaginary friends your children create. But they’ll find themselves pushed to the limit when Dapple, one of the baddest figments of the bunch, draws young Elliot Fairview and his best friend, Furdlegurr, into a plot to change the status quo for figments around the world. Saddled with a recently “unseen” figment named Blounder and running out of time, the agents must go to exceptional lengths to prevent Dapple from doing the undoable. IMAGINE AGENTS is one of the most critically-acclaimed series of the year and it has something for everyone! It will make you laugh, cry, and jump in the air with excitement wishing for more. Fans of CHEW and MONSTERS, INC. will love to explore the world that Brian Joines (KRAMPUS) and Bachan (POWERNAP) have created. If you ever had an imaginary friend or found the world just a little more crazy than you imagined, this is for you.

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