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Final Days To Get Anime Sols DVD Releases

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Anime SolsWith Anime Sols having largely closed down earlier this spring, we’re down to the final week and a half or so before it’s all truly over for the crowdfunding company. And by that, we mean there’s not much time left to pick up their releases. The company has a trio of titles that are available to purchase through their distribution partner Right Stuf with Black JackCreamy Mami and Dear Brother. That’s only good through June 30th, which is the final end of the company. After that, any remaining product is contractually required to be destroyed or dumped in the trash. At this point, it’s unlikely that any of it will get picked up by a liquidator, so you won’t be seeing these cheap on the aftermarket and only via eBay, where they’ll likely continue to command a decent price due to scarcity.

So if you’re looking to pick up any of these, now is the time.

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