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‘Cyborg 009/Devilman’ Crossover Anime Film Announced

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Cyborg 009 Devilman CoverSet for release in October 2015 for a two week period, a new Cyborg 009 vs Devilman anime feature has been announced. Details are quite slim at this point, but a new poster image has been revealed for the project and a brief tease for it.

The home video release for it has been revealed as well where the three episode project will arrive from Toei Animation. The breakdown for the home video is aimed at very different markets, so it looks weird but makes sense. For the must-own collectors, it’s getting a November 11th, 2015 debut in a limited edition box set priced at 13,800 yen. It’s getting a regular edition priced at 9,800 yen. And it’s also getting a three volume DVD release priced at 2,900 yen each. Those are getting released on November 11th, December 9th and January 6th respectively. That’s aimed more at the rental market so that it’s drawn out a bit and provides for enough return business.

The limited edition release is coming with a bonus disc DVD with its details to be revealed. The package itself will include the soundtrack, a 48 page booklet of cells from it and a 16 page booklet in general.

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